About Us

Erika Ruiz
Web Designer and Owner

Erika Rosado Erika has a degree in Architecture from the University of Arizona. She practiced architecture in Indianapolis, IN before starting her career in web design. It was in this field that Erika found her niche. Working as a web designer allowed her to let her creative mind sore, while also being hands-on in the development of her designs, the perfect way to apply both form and function to her work.

Her work experience includes designing for CMG Worldwide Inc., a company dedicated to represent the Intellectual Property of Celebrities. There she had the opportunity to design websites for personalities such as Vince Lombardi, Pele, Mark Twain, Normal Rockwell, among many others. Later in her career Erika was hired as the Senior Web Designer for Angie's List where she was in charge of the member side of the company's web site. She was responsible for both re-design and maintenance efforts for which she created look and feel designs as well as UI layouts.

Erika has attended courses in graphic arts, photography, and paint. She has volunteered for organizations such as The Indianapolis Museum of Art, The Indianapolis Art Center, The Indiana State Museum, Horizon House, Noblesville Main Street, among others. In her spare time, Erika enjoys traveling abroad and sharing this and many other fun activities with her family.