Email Marketing

Email Marketing is a low cost, highly efficient way to advertise and stay in touch with your customers. Fresh Picked Websites can help you start an Email Marketing campaign that you can send to your customers regularly or occasionally, whatever you would like. Mailing or distributing printed information is costly and time consuming, use the option of email marketing to your advantage! Along with getting you set up to use an eNewsletter system we also offer designs that are attractive and appealing, working well on all types of inboxes and browsers.

Some key reasons to consider offering your customers the option to subscribe to an eNewsletter:

  1. Low in cost, far in reach.
  2. Builds your relationship with customers.
  3. Increases sales by highlighting specials, promoting new products, or offering one or more coupon(s).
  4. Great way to turn new customers into repeat customers.
  5. The perfect tool for sharing exciting information with your customers and publicizing events.

Request a quote today and allow us to help your business benefit and grow with a successful eNewsletter!