Mobile Websites

Is your website easy to use on today's mobile Smartphones and tablets? More and more people are using their phone or mobile device to access the Internet on a regular basis. If you have a website meant to be used on computers, you also need one especially designed for mobile use.

Fresh Picked Websites can help you create a mobile version of your website that looks great on smaller mobile screens, which is also easy to use and fast to load. We will have this version of your website automatically load when a customer views your website from their phone or tablet. Standard websites typically just don't look good and are difficult to use on the smaller screens of mobile devices. We believe in offering a user of your website the choice of the mobile site or the full version too, so they can still access your standard site if they would like.

Engaging mobile users is going to be essential for your business in the coming years. Get ahead of the game and be the business to really impress by offering a mobile version that makes life easier for your current or potential customer viewing your site.

We can create a mobile version along side your new site or redesign, or we can create a mobile site to compliment your current site. With your mobile website created by Fresh Picked Websites you can rest assured your site will be optimized for any mobile device including iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Android, Palm, Windows Mobile or any other mobile device.

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